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Our Staff

Susannah Plumridge BVSc
Susannah moved to Agnes Water and took over the Agnes Coast Vet Clinic in March 2008. Throughout her veterinary career she has worked in Gladstone, Victoria, Brisbane and the UK, as well as a volunteer in the Greek Islands and PNG.
Her passion, since childhood, is animals, so it is no surprise that her home is full of furry waifs and strays of all shapes and sizes.

Emma Foster
Veterinary Nurse
Emma has been with the Agnes Coast Vet Clinic since 2010, where she completed her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. After many years working in the Veterinary Nursing profession, her commitment and passion is as strong as the day she started.

HR Manager

Marsha came to Agnes Coast Vet Clinic in 2013. Her aptitude and cultural fit meant she quickly move up the ladder and earned the spot of HR Manager. She takes her role seriously and provides daily support for staff, ensuring emotional all needs are met, in the form of cuddles and pats of course.

President of the Welcoming Committee

Frasier has been at the Agnes Coast Vet Clinic since 2014. After taking a brief hiatus in 2015, he returned and took on the role of Chief Welcomer and spends his days providing a courteous and efficient service, receiving and assisting clients and patients as they make their way to the reception.

Back of House Assistant
Niles was hired as our Back of House assistant in 2014. A stark contrast to his brother, Frasier, he couldn't be more different to the social butterfly that heads our Welcoming Committee. Although he is frequently accused of sleeping on the job, he is instantly forgiven when he bats his baby blues.