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Turtle's release a thrill for carers

WILDLIFE carers and vets are involved with some sad, and at times gruesome, discoveries with injured animals, but last week was one of the high points for Agnes Water's Yvonne Thompson and Susannah Plumridge.

Early Friday morning the pair released a green turtle back into the wild at Workman's Beach, Agnes Water, after nursing the sick marine turtle back to health.

The turtle had just come back from a couple of months of rest and rehabilitation at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast, to be released as close as possible to its natural habitat.

The four- to five-year-old green turtle was found floating and in distress on The Discovery Coast by a Baffle Creek fisherman a couple of months ago and wildlife carer Yvonne cared for it at her home in Agnes.

“It was a 'floater' and pretty weak when the fisherman found it,” said Agnes vet Susannah.

“They get an infection and the gut fills with gas, so they can't dive to feed or escape the dangers of getting hit on the surface.

“Yvonne did all the hard work, I just administered the drugs.”

The turtle was stabilised; kept moist with wet towels but warm with an electric blanket underneath it while it was in shock, and given a course of antibiotics to clear the infection that caused the bloating.

Yvonne kept a 24-hour watch on the turtle before transferring it to Australia Zoo.

“She (Yvonne) does a great job and then the people at Australia Zoo are wonderful,” Susannah said.

“They help all sorts of injured animals and will throw whatever money is necessary to help injured wildlife - it's just amazing.”

Australia Zoo are wonderful... they help all sorts of injured animals and will throw whatever money is necessary to help injured wildlife...”

Reporter: Rob Black - Agnes Water - 27th July 2009
Cheryl Wickes "Vet Susannah Plumridge and wildlife carer Yvonne Thompson release a green turtle on Workman's Beach, Agnes Water."
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